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Consumers are overwhelmed with advertising, receiving up to 30,000 marketing messages daily. As content consumption increases, more than half of consumers are actively avoiding advertising in any way they can.

  • Over 70% have ad avoidance technology like DVR’s.
  • 63% of broadcast ads are ignored due to distractions.
  • 70% of consumers skip digital Pre-Rolls.

Entertainment Marketing provides solutions to advertising challenges as the entertainment content itself becomes the sales driver – with your brand becoming part of the story – resulting in an engaged viewer with increased brand recall and purchase interest. With 89% of the top Fortune 100 brands actively incorporating the strategy, Entertainment Marketing is an essential component for engaging your consumers and improving sales.

Hollywood Branded will create your customized entertainment marketing campaign to align with your marketing budgets and goals. Contact us today!

We Provide Solutions to Advertising Challenges


Agency Services

Brand Integration

We create opportunities for consumers to engage with your brand through their favored content, with the brand becoming part of story with the overall marketing message controlled by our agency.

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Celebrity Influencers

We form partnerships that leverage individual celebrity star power to bring new awareness to your brand, while securing testimonials and imagery for advertising, social media or PR campaign usage.

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Strategic Partnerships

We craft campaign partnerships between your brand and entertainment properties to differentiate planned media and retail based advertising from competition and to create consumer engagement.

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Event Activation

We design celebrity attended event activations for your brand to drive media interest and to secure influencer testimonials and imagery for social media or PR campaign usage.

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Social Media

We create comprehensive social campaigns utilizing entertainment and celebrities;  valuable content for posting from each activation; and offer full agency management of your social universe.

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Public Relations

We offer targeted media outlet outreach and work with broadcast, print and digital outlets – as well as national talk shows and local news – to develop segments and story lines that promote your brand.

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Consulting Strategy

Through participating in meetings with your leadership team, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your marketing strategy and goals to develop, plan and activate supportive entertainment engagement tactics.

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Licensing Partners

We source, strategize, negotiate and oversee licensing relationships for your brand with entertainment or strategic brand partners in order to create new brand lines, as well as secure licensed content for advertising campaign needs.

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Production Rep

On a very select basis, we work with productions to reduce and offset the cost of creating and productions by providing below the line cost savings through product placement, brand integrations and promotional alliances.

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